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foundation for safety.

Concrete Repair and Restoration that not only fixes the problem but improves the project.

Concrete and Masonry Restoration (CMR) has been providing high-quality, long-lasting concrete repair and masonry resurfacing repair, and restoration solutions since 1995. With a hard-earned reputation and backed by top engineer firms, CMR will develop a technical solution that not only corrects the problem but often prevents future issues. 

At CMR we specialize in providing quality solutions to concrete and masonry repair needs. We excel at a range of services to address your repair and restoration needs, from specialty coatings and waterproofing to expansion joint and shotcrete repair. Providing the highest-quality finished products and unparalleled customer service is our top priority, which is why we work hard to stay at the forefront of technology and practices in our industry. 

Our professionals work closely with you to develop a comprehensive solution to fit your needs, timelines, and budgets. In addition to the above; CMR repairs parking structures, performs structural concrete repairs, and offers excellent parking garage maintenance plans.

With experience in a vast range of industries and concrete or masonry environments, from sports stadiums to bridges and parking lots, CMR has the knowledge and skills to deliver a high-quality finished product that will stand the test of time. 

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Long-Lasting Concrete Repair & Restoration Solutions for Any Environment

Our Services


Whether your concrete needs to be restored, removed or replaced, CMR has the manpower, knowledge and experience to get the job done efficiently, within budget and right the first time.


The skilled staff at CMR is highly experienced in diagnosing concrete issues; determining effective solutions including epoxy and urethane injections and ensuring the job is done right from step one.


We will work closely with you to determine the cause of the problem and construct a solution using the latest technologies that provide you with the best products and services to fit your needs.


CMR employs decades of knowledge and industry experience to determine the best specialty coating products and install a high-quality finished project.


CMR is greatly experienced in various methods to waterproof your concrete structure, providing a long-lasting solution that increases stability and safety.


The CMR team is proficient in determining the best products and solutions for your unique needs, including wet or dry shotcrete process and analyzing conductivity to ensure long-lasting results.


The professional CMR staff will work with you and your team to investigate concrete cracks to determine a long-lasting solution of recaulking, resealing or epoxy or urethane injections.


CMR offers full-service concrete repair and restoration, including excavation and demolition. Our skilled team has the experience to prepare and clear sites, no matter what size.