Epoxy & Urethane Injection

Fill the Voids in Your Structure

Elements such as weather and time can affect concrete structures, often causing cracks and voids. Common solutions for concrete cracks are epoxy and urethane injections. The skilled staff at CMR is highly experienced in diagnosing concrete issues and determining effective solutions, getting the job done right the first time.

Epoxy and urethane injections are used for sealing or repairing cracks in concrete using low-pressure injections and are often used to repair bridges, commercial buildings, water treatment facilities, plaza decks and parking structures. One of the main advantages of epoxy is its strength, which is typically stronger than concrete. Epoxy is frequently used to restore structural strength and weld the cracks back together. Urethane injections react with the moisture inside the concrete to create foam and expand inside the crack filling the void. This method is ideal for crack repair and waterproofing, although it does not add structural strength.

CMR will work with you and your staff to determine what the best method for repair and restoration that will be most effective for your project and long-lasting.

Epoxy & Urethane Injections Industries

Aging concrete often results in cracks in the structure, which can be a dangerous liability. CMR’s vast experience with epoxy and urethane injections allows the team to provide a solution that is most effective for your unique project.
As a combination of environment and the nature of treating water in concrete tanks, cracks and deterioration are common. CMR has the knowledge to assess the facility, determine the causes and develop the most comprehensive solution, often involving epoxy or urethane injections.
Weather and water can quickly crack concrete and make your once beautiful plaza deck an eye sore. To restore strength and stability, CMR can use techniques such as epoxy and urethane injections to seal and repair the cracks.
Cracks and voids in the concrete can compromise a parking structure, putting its strength and stability in jeopardy. CMR is highly experienced in diagnosing concrete issues and skilled at repairing and filling cracks with epoxy and urethane injections.

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“We have worked on numerous projects over a period of many years, with Concrete and Masonry Restoration. They are one of my preferred contractors for installing traffic membranes, waterproofing, epoxy injection and structural repairs.”

John Ordway, Project Manager

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