Water Treatment Plant Repair & Restoration
Restore the Durability of Your Plant

Water Treatment Plant Concrete Repair & Restoration

CMR has the experience, knowledge, and continued training to properly assess your water treatment plant and develop a comprehensive and long-lasting solution for your concrete repair and restoration needs.

Water treatment plants provide an important service to towns, cities and municipalities. The treatment of agriculture, sewage or industrial water is a necessity, allowing for repurposing and recycling of water within a community.

Water treatment plants are subjected to a variety of elements that can affect the concrete structure. In colder climates a freeze/thaw cycle weakens the concrete, causing cracks and deterioration. Similarly, the wet/dry cycle in more temperate climates are problematic for concrete structures. Cracks allow the water and other materials to seep into the concrete and accelerate deterioration.

Concrete repairs for water treatment plants necessitate an experienced eye to survey and understand the root causes of any issues.

CMR has the experience, knowledge and continued training to properly assess your plant, determine the cause and develop a comprehensive and long-lasting solution. Crack repairs and recaulking and epoxy and urethane injections are common techniques our skilled team uses to repair water treatment plants. Our comprehensive solutions will restore the integrity of the structure and increase future durability.

Water Treatment Plant Repair
Water Treatment Plant Repair
Water Treatment Plant Repair
Water Treatment Plant Repair

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Types of Water Treatment Plant Repairs
CMR works closely with clients to assess their water treatment plants, determine the root cause and develop a comprehensive repair and restoration solution that not only fixes the issues at hand, but helps to protect from future problems.


Cracks and leaks in your water treatment plant can compromise the structure causing a litany of problems. CMR will work with you to determine the best products and methods for effectively addressing the issues to your plant and business.


Low pressure injections, such as epoxy and urethane, can be used to repair or seal cracks and voids during your water treatment plant repair project. CMR is experienced in diagnosing concrete issues and determining effective solutions.


Water can wreak havoc on concrete making waterproofing an essential part of protecting your structure. Years of experience has allowed CMR to expertly install the best method of waterproofing to address structural issues at your plant.


Finding the right solution for your water treatment plant can sometimes feel overwhelming. CMR partners with companies to identify concerns and find the best solution that is right for your unique needs.