Project Profiles
Alaska Parking Ramp Restoration
CMR worked alongside a local engineering firm in Anchorage, AK to properly repair a number of large issues plaguing three large parking structures.

The aging parking structures were in need of repair after years of constant use.

The unique and sometimes harsh environment of Alaska had also taken its toll on the parking garages. Rain and snow coupled with metal studded car tires used in the winter caused damage to the structure over time. Upon inspection by both engineering firms, it was determined that several attempts at repairs had been made by contractors that were not complete or installed properly and were in need of repair or replacement.

Location also provided unique challenges for this job site. The construction season is very short in Alaska due to weather, so the project had to be scheduled accordingly and will be conducted over the course of several years. Furthermore, due to the unique and more remote location, lead times to receive materials and machinery were often weeks longer than typical times. This delay created a critical component, requiring the CMR team to work strategically with all scheduling to ensure a successful completed project without work stoppages.


CMR strategically scheduled all aspects of the renovation.

CMR strategically scheduled all aspects of the renovation and kept a constant line of communication with the owner to ensure that they and their tenants remained informed throughout the project.

The engineering firm determined the scope of work that CMR would follow for each of the three parking garages. All three structures required extensive crack repair, removal of deteriorating old repairs and the installation of new sealants and waterproofing. CMR used gravity feed epoxy and epoxy pressure injection to properly repair the cracks. Due to the heavy use and weather conditions, CMR installed a hybrid urethane/epoxy broadcast overlay system and applied silane water-repellent, ensuring longevity and an overall better finished product.

One of the parking garages had additional damage to the structural slab and a delaminated beam. This required a more in-depth repair method, ensuring structural safety and a long-lasting repair.

Additional work was added to the original scope of the project; however thanks to decades of experience and a top-notch team of planners and professionals, CMR was able to still complete the project on-time.


The quality of CMR’s work provides a long-lasting repair for the customer.

The newly installed sealants and waterproofing will help extend the life of the concrete structures and prepare the structure for years of Alaskan weather.