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Commercial Building Repair and Restoration

CMR thoroughly assesses each commercial building repair and restoration project to determine your overall needs.

Deteriorating concrete buildings can be a dangerous liability as well as an eyesore.

Moreover, cracks and crumbling concrete and masonry can point to larger structural and waterproofing issues. Mother nature, time and shortcuts during original construction may all lead to the compromised state of commercial property. To properly repair and restore a commercial building often a number of methods and strategies must be employed. CMR thoroughly assesses each commercial building repair and restoration project to determine the extent of leaks and cracks, if masonry or concrete needs to be removed and replaced, and the condition of expansion joints, sealants and spalls.

From site preparation including excavation and demolition to repair and restoration for expansion joints, concrete and shotcrete, specialty coatings, and waterproofing, CMR has decades-long experience in restoring the strength and beauty of buildings. Our on-staff experts are well versed in the catalog of products available for your project and will work with your team, engineers and architects to select the best products to achieve the highest quality results.

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The first impression the outside world has of your business is its visual appeal

Strength and stability are vitally important as is the beauty of your commercial building. To properly repair and restore a commercial building often a number of methods and strategies must be employed.

Types of Commercial Building Repairs
CMR works closely with clients to assess their commercial building damage, determine the root cause and develop a comprehensive repair and restoration solution that not only fixes the issues at hand, but helps to protect from future problems.


Low pressure injections, such as epoxy and urethane, can be used to repair or seal cracks and voids during your commercial building repair project. CMR is experienced in diagnosing concrete issues and determining effective solutions.


To guard your commercial building against weather and premature aging, specialty coatings are often an integral part of a restoration project. CMR will recommend the right products for your unique concrete commercial building.


Although it may be a common technique, CMR delivers the highest quality installation of shotcrete providing customers with long-lasting repair and restoration solutions. We get the job done right, the first time.


Weather and water can be a concrete commercial building’s worst enemies. CMR will work with you to develop a restoration and repair plan that includes the right waterproofing techniques for your building.