Post-Tensioning Repair
Post-tension repair requires a concrete repair and restoration contactor that can do the job right.
capable of holding heavy, load-bearing designs

Post-Tensioning Repair

Post-tensioning, an extremely specialized, advanced way of reinforcing concrete, makes structures capable of holding heavy, load-bearing designs.

Because concrete is only about 10% of its compressive strength, plain concrete is inclined to crack when loaded. By inserting reinforced steel into the concrete, it more easily accepts extensible stresses that regular concrete cannot. While the concrete may still experience cracks and normal deterioration, post-tensioning allows the structure to maintain its integrity and hold the weight of the load.

Post-tensioning tendon repairs require a collaboration of building owners, structural designers, and concrete contractors that understand the forces necessary to keep their structures safe.

The highly advanced precision needed to ensure the stability of load-bearing concrete requires specialized skills and the tremendous technical knowledge that the Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC team possesses.

We accurately repair post-tensioning systems by starting with an extensive repair plan that will expand your concrete structure's longevity and durability. We identify the problem and potential issues down the road with your support beams, concrete slabs, columns, and foundation. We know that any delay in post-tensioning repair risks the suitability of the concrete structure, making routine maintenance imperative. CMR specializes in commercial concrete structure post-tensioning inspections.

Our dedication to safety means we take the planning stage of post-tensioning repair products seriously, carefully detailing every step of the project. Our team will address any areas of concern, from budgets to schedules and safety to construction and repair. We work with you to minimize disturbances to the use of the structure or building.

Post-Tensioning Repair
Post-Tensioning Repair
CMR is committed to maintaining and lengthening the lifespan of your post-tensioned structure by offering the best solutions to any problem.

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