Municipality Repair & Restoration
Reconstruct and Rejuvenate your Municipal Structures

Concrete & Masonry Restoration & Repairs for Municipalities

Our municipality repair & restoration services include both indoor and outdoor projects.

When concrete or stonework is damaged, cracked, or becomes structurally unsound in a municipal building, the last thing you can have is an interruption in the flow of business.

Municipal buildings house the most essential government operations, many of which operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Police departments and fire stations simply can’t shut down because they need repairs. Water treatment facilities need immediate care for concrete deterioration to prevent contamination.

At Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC, we pride ourselves in serving local communities and municipalities. As an experienced concrete contractor, CMR has built strong relationships with area government entities, from fire and police departments to city halls and courthouses. We understand the important balance between functionality and safety in these buildings, many of which are older structures. Concrete & Masonry Restoration reconstructs and rejuvenates these municipal structures and buildings with little disruption to the important business at hand. We understand the integral nature of your municipality and perform our work with a dedication to providing incomparable quality in a timely fashion.

Our municipal repair & restoration services include both indoor and outdoor projects. We have vast experience in replacing and revitalizing concrete surfaces and brick-and-mortar systems before they become a safety hazard. We’re versatile in our knowledge of projects, including fleet service building concrete restoration, waterproofing bridges and dams, fixing sidewalks and walkways, building infrastructure integrity, and more. Our team of concrete and masonry experts, combined with our insightful design team, will provide a safe, efficient, and appealing answer to the concrete and masonry needs of your municipality. 

At Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC, we execute high-quality concrete and masonry projects that provide you with an unmatched sense of safety and performance while keeping costs down and the job on schedule.

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When it comes to municipal concrete repair, Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC (CMR) prides itself in serving local communities and municipalities.

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CMR works closely with clients to assess their municipal building damage, determine the root cause and develop a comprehensive repair and restoration solution that not only fixes the issues at hand, but helps to protect from future problems.


Low pressure injections, such as epoxy and urethane, can be used to repair or seal cracks and voids during your municipal building repair project. CMR is experienced in diagnosing concrete issues and determining effective solutions.


To guard your municipal building against weather and premature aging, specialty coatings are often an integral part of a restoration project. CMR will recommend the right products for your unique concrete municipal building.


Although it may be a common technique, CMR delivers the highest quality installation of shotcrete providing customers with long-lasting repair and restoration solutions. We get the job done right, the first time.


Weather and water can be a concrete commercial building’s worst enemies. CMR will work with you to develop a restoration and repair plan that includes the right waterproofing techniques for your municipal building.