Plaza Deck Repair & Restoration

CMR will work with you and your team to assess your plaza deck and determine an all-encompassing solution, from demolition and excavation to concrete crack repair and restoration, specialty coatings and landscaping.

Whether your plaza deck is a park-like environment outside your commercial building, surrounding a hotel pool or the common space of your structure, this area is often meant to be the focal point of your property. Aging concrete, neglect, vandalization and even Mother Nature can make your plaza deck less than appealing, as well as a safety hazard to tennants, residents and visitors. CMR has decades of experience in repairing and restoring plaza decks, resulting in a safe and aesthetically pleasing space.

We take a full-service approach to our concrete repair projects, with no project too big or too small for our team to take on. CMR will work with you and your team to assess your plaza deck and determine an all-encompassing solution, from demolition and excavation to concrete crack repair, specialty coatings and landscaping.

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Concrete Repairs

CMR excels at horizontal deck spalls, column and beam structural repairs as part of plaza deck restoration.


New Concrete Toppings

CMR will remove and replace topping slab to expose the existing waterproofing and repair the structural deck.



CMR installs hot rubberized waterproof membranes and insulation systems with up to 20 year water tight warranties.


Vector Mapping

As part of the 20 year warranty, our team utilizes vector mapping to determine if the new membrane system is water tight.

Types of Plaza Deck Repairs
CMR works closely with clients to assess their plaza deck damage, determine the root cause and develop a comprehensive repair and restoration solution that not only fixes the issues at hand, but helps to protect from future problems.


Specialty and traffic coatings can often extend the life of a plaza deck, preserving your investment by restoring or repairing the structure. The knowledgeable staff at CMR can recommend the right products for your concrete repair project.


Water can quickly crack and damage concrete causing safety concerns and structural damage. CMR employs a number of different waterproofing techniques to help prevent future issues in the concrete of your plaza deck.


CMR has the capabilities to prepare and clear sites as necessary for your plaza deck project, no matter the size. By offering full-service solutions customized for each job, every step of the process is held to our high standards for quality.


Cracks and voids in concrete can be a safety hazard and a visual eyesore. CMR employs the latest technologies and techniques to efficiently repair plaza deck cement and environments.