Protection from Mother Nature’s Worst Weather

Water can cause extensive damage and leaks to concrete structures, affecting the stability and safety. A key component to construction and concrete repair and restoration is waterproofing. CMR has decades-long experience implementing various methods to waterproof and weatherproof your concrete structure, increasing the stability and providing a long-lasting solution.

Left untreated, water can cause deeply rooted issues in concrete, necessitating a larger scaled restoration or repair solution. We frequently employ the application of suitable coatings to exposed surfaces, utilizing an admixture, or treated concrete to expertly waterproof concrete structures. Our skilled consultants will assess your water damages, find the root cause and work with you to determine the method that is best suited for your concrete structure, from commercial buildings, parking structures, water treatment plants or any other structure exposed to the elements. 

Parking Structure Project Profile

The City of Milwaukee enlisted CMR to repair a heavily trafficked downtown parking structure in 2012. The parking facility was in poor structural condition after numerous previous attempts at repairs and in need of a waterproofing system. Wisconsin weather and years of wear had led to significant corrosion damage to the reinforcing steel, causing the concrete to spall and crack. After a thorough assessment of the various damages, cracks and repair issues, CMR worked with the City of Milwaukee to develop a comprehensive concrete repair and restoration solution to address their unique needs, including a modified traffic bearing system that was developed specifically for this project.


Waterproofing Industries

Water finds any and every way to get in the concrete of a commercial building causing leaks and deterioration, accelerating the time schedule for repairs and restoration.
Decades of experience has allowed for CMR to implement various methods of waterproofing and weatherproofing parking structures with high-quailty, long-lasting solutions.
The concrete structures housing water in treatment plants require waterproofing to maintain stability and strength of the structure. Over time leaks and cracks can occur. CMR is skilled in assessing the problem and providing a lasting solution.
Various climates lead to consequences for concrete plaza decks. Waterproofing and weatherproofing can protect the structure from pre-mature leaks, cracks and safety issues.

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“We have worked on numerous projects over a period of many years, with Concrete and Masonry Restoration. They are one of my preferred contractors for installing traffic membranes, waterproofing, epoxy injection and structural repairs.”

John Ordway, Project Manager

Burkhard Construction Corp.