Concrete Repair and Restoration
June 01, 2023

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Concrete doesn't last forever. Yes, some concrete buildings and structures are hundreds of years old. But they only got to be that old with concrete repair restoration projects.
Concrete Repair and Restoration

Concrete Repair VS Concrete Restoration

There is a big difference between concrete repair and concrete restoration. Let the experts at Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC explain. 

Concrete repair is fixing a concrete surface or structure that has deteriorated or been damaged by weather or wear and tear. The concrete repair process corrects issues like chips, scaling, cracks, and other surface imperfections. Concrete repair also addresses structural issues found internally as well as externally. A typical concrete problem is a corrosion. Corrosion can be caused by exposure to elements like chloride, carbon dioxide, and salt water. 

These elements can penetrate through concrete and into the steel reinforcements inside. When this corrosion is not surveyed and appropriately managed, it presents an opportunity for the corrosion to reduce the strength of the structure. If the concrete structure's strength diminishes, it creates serious safety risks. 

Concrete restoration refers to the process of repairing and resurfacing old or damaged concrete, and restoring concrete returns it, as closely as possible, to its original appearance. However, just because concrete has been restored does not mean it is structurally sound. Further investigation is warranted when you're fixing the concrete to ensure the exterior problem's source gets solved. 

Older concrete can chip or crack, giving moisture an opportunity to sneak in. This situation causes rebar, used inside concrete to help reinforce the structure, to rust. When this happens, the rebar exerts a strong force as it expands, breaking the concrete from the inside out. 

Often, a sign of internal damage to a concrete slab is small exterior cracks or imperfections. This means that different techniques must be used throughout your restoration project. 

The most commonly used concrete repair restoration techniques are cleaning and applying specialty coatings, waterproofing and sealing the concrete surface, and removing and replacing slabs or sections of concrete. Concrete restoration is essential for every concrete structure at some point in its lifetime. 

Concrete & Masonry, LLC provides a variety of concrete repair restoration services, including:

Concrete Repair Restoration:

CMR specializes in the repair, restoration, replacement, and removal of damaged concrete. We understand that conditions beyond our control, like weather, nature, and time, damage concrete structures. In combination with these natural elements, heavy foot traffic causes wear and tear in places like sports stadiums and plaza decks, and heavy vehicle traffic does the same to bridges, tunnels, and parking garages.

Act quickly when deterioration, cracks, and structural issues occur and contact CMR. CMR assesses these areas to ensure personal and structural safety. CMR's concrete repair restoration methods include post-tension, pre-cast structural repairs, and cast-in-place. These methods can be conducted on horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete sites. The methods listed are used in a myriad of industries, from water treatment plants to commercial buildings.

Concrete Repair Restoration

Expansion Joint Repair:

Expansion joints are mid-structure separations in concrete designed to create room for movent. Expansion joints relieve stress on the structure from seismic events like earthquakes, static load deflection, live load deflection, swaying, and thermal expansion. High-traffic areas, both pedestrian and vehicular, contribute to joint expansion problems.

Long periods combined with continuous movement and outdoor elements can cause significant issues for expansion joints. The CMR highly skilled team listens closely to your concerns and thoroughly inspects your concrete to determine the cause of the problem effectively. CMR can diagnose and remedy expansion joint issues quickly and on budget using the latest technologies. CMR consults with engineers and architects to get the job done right.

Expansion Joint Repair

Epoxy and Urethane Injection:

Our knowledgeable staff diagnoses concrete issues and offers effective concrete repair restoration solutions like epoxy and urethane injections. Using epoxy and urethane injections is a prevalent and effective way to fill concrete cracks and voids.

These low-pressure injections are often used to repair and seal cracks in commercial buildings, plaza decks, parking structures, water treatment facilities, and bridges. Urethane injections react with moisture inside the concrete, creating a foam that expands to fill the cracks or voids. This method of repair is ideal for repairing cracks and waterproofing the structure but does not add any added strength. Epoxy, however, is known for its strength. Typically stronger than concrete, epoxy injections restore and enhance structural strength while bonding the cracks back together. CMR works with your staff to determine the best method of injection for your project.

Epoxy and Urethane Injection

Specialty Coatings:

CMR employees have decades of concrete repair restoration experience. They use this experience to efficiently recommend the most beneficial concrete coating product to fit your needs. We use the highest quality materials, ensuring an exceptional finished project. Specialty and traffic coatings are applied to concrete to extend the lifespan of a structure. Specialty coatings are commonly used in water treatment plants, plaza decks, sports stadiums, and bridges.

Specialty Coatings

Water Treatment Plants:

Water treatment plants have constant water and chemical flows that often damage concrete over time. Specialty coatings protect concrete from moisture and chemicals, creating a long-lasting barrier.

Water Treatment Plants

Plaza Decks:

Because of the constant foot traffic on plaza decks, repairs are needed in different places at different times. Over time, these repair sites leave behind a patchy, unattractive appearance. Specialty coatings create an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive look and provide added safety.

Plaza Decks

Sports Stadiums:

Sports stadiums and arenas need to keep fans in the seats, oftentimes in inclement weather. The goal at CMS is to allow this to happen safely. Specialty coatings create a low-maintenance, long-lasting cure for damage like cracks and decay caused by high traffic, weather, and water. Whether fixing weakened stairs or ramps or coating kitchens and restrooms, the concrete professionals at Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC guide you to safe solutions that allow fans to cheer on their home team.

Sports Stadiums


Bridges are a crucial part of transportation. They keep traffic flowing on freeways, county highways, and thoroughfares while keeping commuters safe.

Bridges face constant exposure to the elements and continuous foot and vehicle traffic. This naturally causes voids, cracks, and instability in bridges. Maintaining the integrity of bridges ensures the safety of pedestrians and motorists alike.

CMR has extensive experience working with engineers, architects, and local municipalities to develop an all-inclusive concrete repair restoration plan that includes applying specialty coatings to protect the bridge as well as its surrounding structures. We understand the importance of timely repairs and minimizing the downtime required for improvements.


Shotcrete Repairs:

Shotcrete is an essential tool in concrete repair restoration. It is also one of the most commonly used tools. Shotcrete is an all-inclusive term that describes the process of spraying concrete through a wet or dry mix procedure.

The team at Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC helps you determine the perfect solutions for your unique business needs. After deciding between a wet or dry shotcrete process, our experts suggest products for your project. Because of our high standards for products and equipment that we use in our concrete repair restoration projects, we own and operate two cutting-edge robotic overhead chipping machines.

CMR also uses a dustless, grit-blasting technique that minimizes the time required to complete a job and increases efficiency and clean-up times. After completion of the concrete repair restoration project, we analyze conductivity to make sure you will have long-lasting results. The application of shotcrete requires a skilled professional, like those at Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC.

Shotcrete Repairs


Water causes substantial damage to concrete structures leading to leaks. These leaks affect the stability and safety of the structure or building. If left untreated, water causes havoc on concrete, seeping further inside and making repairs a far more complex project than needed.

Waterproofing is a crucial component of concrete repair restoration, and CMR is an industry leader in various concrete waterproofing methods. Our waterproofing specialists asses your leak problems or water damage, get to the root of the cause and advise you on the best method to remedy the issue.

CMR regularly applies proper coatings to the exposed concrete surfaces. These applications sometimes include adding an admixture or using treated concrete to skillfully waterproof concrete surfaces. Our decades of experience working with various concrete waterproofing techniques and products means we always leave you with a long-lasting solution in your commercial building, parking structure, or water treatment facility.


Crack Repairs:

Unfortunately, cracks are a widespread problem for concrete. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions to fix any gaps or cracks in concrete structures. The concrete professionals at CMR diligently investigate concrete cracks and develop a strategy that includes a long-lasting solution, whether re-caulking, resealing, or using urethane or epoxy injections. 

When concrete deteriorates, whether due to time or the elements, it needs to be caulked or sealed. After consulting with structural engineers to determine their preferred products and method of repair, CMR's expert staff will effectively correct the problem. Because we understand that sometimes cracks can be a sign of a more significant issue, we not only repair but also investigate to ensure there are no long-term structural issues.

Crack Repairs

Excavation and Demolition:

Concrete & Masonry Restoration, LLC offers a multitude of full-service concrete repair restoration options, including excavation and demolition. CMR has the tools and knowledge to get the job done no matter how large your site is. They understand the importance of correctly preparing a job site for any construction project, from plaza decks and commercial buildings to sports stadiums and parking structures.

CMR understands the importance of scheduling and the consideration of all of your demolition needs. Their skillful employees are trained in the latest safety regulations and methods and always follow safe work practices. To make sure they remain efficient and enforce job site safety, CMR utilizes the most up-to-date technology and excavation and demolition techniques in all of our concrete repair restoration projects.

Excavation and Demolition
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