Parking Structures

Protect and Repair Your Parking Structure

Concrete Repairs

Our team excels at horizontal deck spall, column and beam structural repairs.

Expansion Joints 

CMR will replace damaged and leaking expansion joints and determine the proper joint for your specific situation.

Crack and Joint Repairs

Repairs often include epoxy and urethane injections for beans, columns and foundation cracks. CMR will also grout and seal random cracks and re-caulk control and precast joints. 

Traffic Bearing Membranes

CMR provides solutions for protecting existing and newly repaired structures. 

Your parking structure is an integral part of your business, affecting customers, clients, employees and oftentimes profitability. Parking structures face a variety of challenges including heavy traffic patterns, water, weather and time, which can create cracks, compromise expansion joint strength and pose major safety and strurctural concerns. The team at CMR has vast experience in assessing parking structure damage and creating a high-quality repair and restoration plan built to last.

As an important part of your productivity and revenue stream, we understand the need to keep your parking structure in operation during any repairs or restoration. Our team will partner with you to determine the best course of action, working in phases to provide parking options and optimal safety. 


Parking Structure Project Profile

In 2012 the City of Milwaukee enlisted CMR to repair a heavily trafficked downtown parking structure. The parking facility was in poor structural condition after a number of previous repair and waterproofing attempts. Wisconsin weather and years of wear had led to significant corrosion damage to the reinforcing steel, causing the concrete to spall and crack. After a thorough assessment of the various damages, cracks and repair issues, CMR worked with the City of Milwaukee to develop a comprehensive concrete repair and restoration solution to address their unique needs. This included a modified traffic bearing system that was developed specifically for this project. 


Parking Structure Repair Methods

Assessing and repairing any damaged expansion joints is crucial to restoring the stability and strength of a parking structure. CMR will work with you and your team to determine the root cause and provide a long-lasting solution.
Shotcrete can crack and deteriorate over the course of time or when not installed properly. CMR requires high standards and an attention to detail during the installation of all products, including shotcrete, delivering a safe and durable finished product.
Several waterproofing techniques can be used during your parking structure repair to help alleviate concerns of cracks and pre-mature aging of the concrete caused by water and weather. Our staff will work with you to determine the best waterproofing techniques for your structure.
Cracks and deteriorating concrete can compromise structural integrity and be a major safety concern. CMR will work with you to assess your parking structure needs and develop a plan to restore the strength and safety, staying on-budget and on-time.

Parking Structure Repair Technologies

SHOT BLASTINGCMR often recommends waterproofing or speciality coatings as part of restoration solutions for parking structures. In order to better prepare the site in a uniform and efficient manner, CMR uses walk-behind and self-propelled Shot Blasting technology.
ROBOTIC CHIPPING HAMMER Preparing a parking structure for repairs frequently requires the dangerous work of overhead concrete chipping. For increased safety and consistency, as well as efficiency, CMR utilizes the latest technologies including robotic chipping hammers.
VAPOR BLASTING CMR employs eco-friendly vapor blasting equipment to safely and effectively prepare surfaces and remove coatings at parking structure work sites. The vapor blast technology suppresses up to 97% of airborne particles.
HEPA VACUUMES & FILTERS Concrete restoration of a parking structure can lead to waste and airborne particles that are the harmful to the environment and workers. Although not required, CMR uses HEPA vacuums and filters to maintain a clean and safe work site.

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“Concrete & Masonry Restoration has been an excellent rehabilitation contractor on projects we have worked on together. They have skilled construction personnel who know their craft, deliver a quality product to their clients and stand behind their work. I have worked with CMR for approximately 15 years on numerous parking structure repair projects and have found them to be reliable in meeting the project requirements on schedule. I will continue to include them as a preferred contractor for my clients’ construction projects.”

John H. Kannall, P.E., Associate/Project Manager

Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates, Inc.