Specialty Coatings

Longer Life for Your Restoration

Specialty coatings and traffic coatings can often extend the life of a concrete structure and its restoration or repairs. The knowledgeable staff at CMR will work with you to determine the best products on the market for your specialty coating needs helping to extend the life of your repair.

Heavy traffic, weather conditions and age can cause extensive damage to concrete structures. The application of the right specialty coating products can extend the life of the concrete and protect it from deteriorating forces. Decades of experience and training allow the experts at CMR to better select the product and coating best for your project. Water treatment plants, plaza decks, sports stadiums commercial building and bridges all frequently count on the protective nature of specialty coatings to extend the life of their structure. 

Specialty Coatings Industries

Chemicals and water flow can be damaging to concrete water treatment plants, making speciality coatings a techique often used in repairs by the skilled team at CMR to protect your structure and extends its life.
Repairs to plaza decks can leave the area looking patchy and unappealing. Specialty coatings can provide a cohesive and pleasant aesthetic, as well as protect your structure.
Keep fans cheering and your stadium protected by including specialty coatings in your concrete restoration. The knowledgeable staff at CMR will work with you to determine the best coatings and and products for your stadium.
Heavy traffic and weather patterns can cause cracks, voids and instabilities in bridges. CMR’s experienced team can assist you in selecting the right concrete coating for your structure, helping to extend its life and re-establish safety.

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“I have been working with Concrete and Masonry Restoration and their Principles for over 25 years. They have provided the best suited materials, technical know-how and professional workmanship on all of our projects. Their price structure has always been competitive and they stand behind their timely completion schedules.”

Ramesh K. Pujara, P.E., President

Pujara, Wirth, and Torke, Inc.