Expansion Joint Repair

Long-Lasting Solutions for Structural Support

High traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian, can be problematic over long periods of continued tread. This, combined with weather and elements of the outdoors, can often lead to major issues.  A common problem that plagues highly trafficked areas including bridges, sports stadiums and parking garages, are the cracks or failing expansion joints. The experienced staff at CMR will work with you to find a long-lasting expansion joint solution that meets your needs.

Expansion joints are a dynamic part of concrete structures and are used in high traffic areas to allow for trouble-free expansion and contraction of the concrete. Occasionally traffic for the particular structure may not have been properly predicted and the load is more than the joint was built to hold, therefore causing issues over time. Additonally, Mother Nature and continuous usage can often lead to erosion, cracks and deterioration. Our consultants will work closely with your team, engineers and architects to determine the cause of the problem and construct a full-service solution using the latest equipment, technologies, products and processes to fit your needs.

Top engineers frequently refer CMR for expansion joint repair and replacement projects due to our superior finished product, extensive product knowledge and excellent customer service. CMR provides long-lasting, highly effective expansion joint replacement and repair solutions that are done right the first time. 

Parking Structure Project Profile

The City of Milwaukee enlisted CMR to repair a heavily trafficked downtown parking structure in 2012. The parking facility was in poor structural condition after numerous previous attempts at repairs and in need of a waterproofing system. Wisconsin weather and years of wear had led to significant corrosion damage to the reinforcing steel, causing the concrete to spall and crack. After a thorough assessment of the various damages, cracks and repair issues, CMR worked with the City of Milwaukee to develop a comprehensive concrete repair and restoration solution to address their unique needs, including a modified traffic bearing system that was developed specifically for this project.


Expansion Joint Repair Industries

Traffic patterns, outdoor elements and aging cement can lead to cracks and problematic expansion joints. CMR is a frequently recommended by top engineers for expansion joint repair and replacement because of our high-quality, long-lasting finished work.
Ensure fan safety and structural integrity in your sports stadium by replacing deteriorating expansion joints. CMR provides a full-service solution to address issues, increasing the stability and strength of your structure.
Nature and constant traffic can cause extensive damage to the strength and stability of a bridge. The dedicated specialists at CMR provide a high-quality, long-lasting repair or expansion joint replacement, getting it right the first time.
Years of wear, traffic patterns and weather can cause stability issues in concrete plaza decks, resulting in a compromised safety and stability. CMR will work with you to determine the best solution for expansion joint repair.

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