Excavation & Demolition

Full-Service Repairs from Start to Finish

CMR provides full-service concrete repair and restoration, which includes excavation and demolition. Our skilled team has the experience to prepare and clear sites as necessary for your project, no matter the size. With past clients ranging from plaza decks and parking structures to sports stadiums and commercial buildings, we pride ourselves on having the skillset and know-how to tackle any job with professionalism and a superior finished product. By offering full-service solutions, every step of the process is held to our high standard and promises the project is done right the first time, on time and within budget.

CMR partners with each client to ensure the job site is properly prepared for the repair or restoration, working with scheduling and demolition needs. Our team is highly-trained on the latest safety methods and regulations, along with safe work practices. For added efficiency and increased safety, CMR employs the latest technology and techniques in excavation and demolition work for all concrete repair and restoration projects. 

Excavation & Demolitions Industries

Our skilled team is experienced in the removal and replacement of equipment and seating in stadiums. Every step of the process is held to our high standards to ensure a high-quality finished project.
The preparing and clearing of a work site is an important part of the concrete restoration process for commercial buildings. CMR’s team works hard to ensure this process is done carefully, efficiently and properly.
CMR understands the importance of remaining open for business while achieving the necessary repairs in an efficient amount of time. We will work with you to prepare the job site, working with your schedule and addressing your needs.
As a full-service concrete restoration company, CMR has vast experience with the efficient demolition and excavation of bridges and the surrounding areas.

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“I have been working with Concrete and Masonry Restoration and their Principles for over 25 years. They have provided the best suited materials, technical know-how and professional workmanship on all of our projects. Their price structure has always been competitive and they stand behind their timely completion schedules.”

Ramesh K. Pujara, P.E., President

Pujara, Wirth, and Torke, Inc.