Crack Repairs & Caulking

Skilled Solutions to Common Problems

A common, and unfortunate, problem for concrete is cracking. Cracks plague most concrete structures including commercial buildings, bridges, plaza decks, parking structures and more. A variety of solutions can be employed to address cracks and gaps in structures, including recaulking, sealing, and epoxy or urethane injections. The skilled professionals at CMR will work with you and your team to investigate the crack, establish an objective for repair and determine the proper solution.

Sealing and Caulking

Deteriorating concrete often needs to be sealed or caulked. Our expert staff at CMR works closely with engineers to determine the best products and methods needed to effectively address the issue. Cracks in concrete can also be a signifier of larger issues. CMR will investigate the crack to not only find a solution for repair, but also to determine the cause and address any long-term structural issues.

Injection Repairs

Epoxy or urethane injections are used for sealing or repairing cracks in concrete using low-pressure injections. Epoxy is stronger than concrete and often used to restore strength and weld cracks back together. Urethane injections react with the moisture inside the concrete to expand inside the crack, filling the void. CMR will work with you and your staff to determine the best method for repair and restoration that will be effective and long-lasting.

Bridge Repair Project Profile

During the summer of 2013, CMR began concrete repairs and restoration on a State of Wisconsin Department of Tourism bridge in Spring Green, WI. While the bridge was a relatively new construction, issues of micro-cracking were arising and the DOT was looking to address the problem immediately. The project was to take place during the height of tourism season, so it was important for the bridge to remain open to traffic during all repairs. After a thorough assessment of the structure and the cracking issues, CMR worked with the DOT to develop a plan to protect the bridge from water and salt and extend the life of the bridge. CMR recommended a polymer overlay that would protect the bridge as well as provide skid-resistance.


Crack Repair and Recaulking Industries

Cracks and crumbling concrete can point to larger structural and waterproofing issues, as well as being an eye sore for your commercial building. CMR will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to restore your building to its structural strength.
The combination of weather elements and the constant flow of traffic can cause cracks in the structure. CMR will investigate the track to not only find a solution for the repair, but to determine the root cause and address long-term issues.
Cracks in plaza decks can cause trip and fall safety concerns, as well as greater structural issues. With years of experience CMR can provide a long-lasting solution to address the unique needs of your plaza deck.
CMR understands the imporance of addressing the concrete cracks and structural issues of your parking structure while remaining open for service. We will work closely with you to develop a plan that meets your unique needs and concerns.

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“We have worked on numerous projects over a period of many years, with Concrete and Masonry Restoration. They are one of my preferred contractors for installing traffic membranes, waterproofing, epoxy injection and structural repairs.”

John Ordway, Project Manager

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