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New Environmentally Friendly-Sustainable Cleaning Technology

The Milwaukee based concrete repair and restoration company, Concrete & Masonry Restoration, Inc. (CMR), is pleased to announce the purchase of the most environmental-friendly outdoor surface cleaning solution. Their new sustainable cleaning technology CY5500 pressure washer will minimize water usage, eliminate chemical use and water runoff while aiding in EPA compliance.

Good For The Environment

An essential aspect of this newly purchased equipment is that it’s greener, faster and it's environmentally-friendly. Concrete, along with other porous surfaces, holds and traps oil, cleaning agents, automotive fluids, heavy metals, and other non-eco-safe particles. As concrete and other surfaces are cleaned, the contaminants are lifted and suspended in the wash water. The CY5500 pressure washer reclaims the dirty water and prevents it from running into storm drains. Contaminated wastewater in storm drains can flow into Lake Michigan, local rivers, streams, or into the ground, polluting our ecosystem.
With (CMR), the grey water is retrieved and stored in tanks. It is then treated and any dirt, oil, chemicals, or debris picked up from the concrete is removed from the water. From there, the now-clean water can be safely recycled and CMR can direct the pollutants for proper disposal.

State and Federal EPA Enforcement

Over the past few years, state and federal authorities have increased enforcement of wash water discharge and pollution. More and more citations and fines are being issued for non-compliance. These fines not only affect the pressure washing contractor but the building owners as well. By being on the forefront of environmental compliance, CMR eliminates non-compliance penalties for themselves and for their customers.
"We care about our customers and the environment,” explains CMR President Don Huber. “We complete large- and small-scale power washing projects while keeping our lakes and rivers clean and offering outstanding customer service.”

Good For the Customers


Equally important, this specially designed hard surface pressure washer allows the removal of dirt, surface stains, and heavy grime buildup in one pass and without damaging the concrete’s surface. Because this pressure washer can clean even the dirtiest floors with just one pass, it dramatically increases CMR’s production time. That means CMR can offer a much faster turnaround to their customers, eliminating a lengthy downtime for them. No more long waits for the professionals to finish the job or for the floors to dry.

Complete Maintenance Program Benefits


CMR can now offer its customers a complete comprehensive maintenance program. When using the CY5500 pressure washer, our customers will receive better and more rapid cleaning solutions for every structure. Best of all, once the cleaning of the structure is complete, CMR can work with the client and the owner’s structural engineer to provide an inspection to identify potential concrete, expansion joint, and caulking repairs.  Based on the engineer’s report CMR can then provide an estimate of repairs and restore the concrete, if necessary.

It is crucial that every building or structure have regular cleaning and maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps a concrete structure from becoming an eyesore or a danger to residents and clients. If neglected for an extended period, a bridge, building, or parking structure may become too unsafe or too costly to repair. 


About Concrete & Masonry Restoration
Concrete & Masonry Restoration has an outstanding reputation for quality concrete and masonry resurfacing repair, and restoration. Their team of skilled professionals use the latest practices and technologies and applies them to resurfacing and restoration projects of any size. Specializing in outdoor concrete structures such as sports stadiums, parking lots, bridges, and multi-level parking structures, CMR excels at finding the source of a problem. They then create a solution that not only addresses the current problem but will avoid future issues as well. Customer approval and satisfaction is their goal. Contact CMR to learn how this new sustainable cleaning technology can help your company.

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