Sports Stadiums

Structural Stability and Support for Your Fans

Game day jitters should not include the safety of your stadium. Sporting events bring communities together, hosting families, students and fans by the hundreds of thousands each year. The safety of fans can be in jeopardy when stadium concrete cracks and crumbles, or when expansion joints and structural elements are not properly maintained and repaired. The team at CMR specializes in the repair and restoration of sports stadiums improving safety and long-term wear allowing fans to continue cheering on their favorite team!

Time and mother nature play a part in the wearing down of sports stadiums. Weather and water can lead to cracks and structural concerns while the continued wear and tear of thousands of attendees can weaken high traffic areas including stairs and ramps.

The seasoned staff at CMR will provide a full-service solution to address the concerns of your stadium, including the removal and replacement of equipment as needed, excavation and demolition, expansion joint repair, specialty coatings and any other concrete repair or replacement.  CMR provides a wide range of specialty concrete coatings to protect your stadium from premature deterioration due to weather and the elements. Our highly trained staff employs the latest technology and methods to provide you with a high-quality, long-lasting finished product. 

Sports Stadiums Repair Methods

Support and stability are main concerns for stadium repair projects.Top engineers frequently refer CMR for expansion joint repair and replacement projects due to our high-quality finished product and excellent customer service.
CMR has the experience and knowledge to help you determine the right specialty coating for your stadium and needs. Installing the appropriate specialty coating can prolong the life of your stadium and add desired safety features to your concrete structure.
Water can cause deeply rooted issues in concrete. In efforts to help protect your stadium against water damage, CMR will work with you to assess your specific needs and recommend waterproofing solutions.
CMR provides full-service concrete repair and restoration services. Our skilled staff will work with your team to determine a proper plan of action to remove any necessary equipment or seating to better prepare the work site.

Sports Stadiums Repair Technologies

SHOT BLASTINGWaterproofing and specialty coatings for heavy traffic patterns are often a key component for increased longevity and fan safety in stadiums. In order to prepare the site, CMR uses walk-behind and self-propelled Shot Blasting technology.
SHOTCRETE PUMP Shotcrete repair and installation are often integral parts of restoring a stadium. The Thom-Katt trailer pump used by CMR is able to handle a wide variety of mixes and applications with powerful performance, providing a quality finished product.
VAPOR BLASTING CMR employs eco-friendly vapor blasting equipment to safely and effectively prepare surfaces and remove coatings at stadiums. The vapor blast technology suppresses up to 97% of airborne particles.
ROBOTIC CHIPPING HAMMER Preparing a stadium for repairs frequently requires the dangerous work of overhead concrete chipping. For increased safety and consistency, as well as efficiency, CMR utilizes the latest technology of robotic chipping hammers.

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“Concrete & Masonry Restoration has been an excellent rehabilitation contractor on projects we have worked on together. They have skilled construction personnel who know their craft, deliver a quality product to their clients and stand behind their work. I have worked with CMR for approximately 15 years on numerous parking structure repair projects and have found them to be reliable in meeting the project requirements on schedule. I will continue to include them as a preferred contractor for my clients’ construction projects.”

John H. Kannall, P.E., Associate/Project Manager

Graef, Anhalt, Schloemer & Associates, Inc.