Repairing and Restoring Bridges

Bridges are an essential part of our transportation world. County roads, highways and thoroughfares depend on the safety and performance of bridges to keep traffic flowing and commuters safe. Constant flow of traffic together with the elements of nature can lead to concrete deterioration, cracks, leaks, expansion joint problems and structural issues over time.

Maintaining structural integrity and safety are the main concerns when looking to restore and repair bridges. CMR has extensive experience working alongside municipalities, engineers and architects to develop comprehensive concrete repair and restoration plans for bridges and their surrounding structures.

To address issues caused by traffic patterns and weather, CMR employs a variety of repair methods with applications including epoxy and urethane injections, shotcrete and expansion joint repairs and specialty coatings that once applied to the surface of concrete can be specifically formulated to act as a protective barrier to the concrete. Our dedicated consultants will work with you and your team to assess your bridge, address all issues and develop a full-service, comprehensive solution restoring the structural integrity and longevity of the bridge. 

Bridge Repair Project Profile

During the summer of 2013, CMR began concrete repairs and restoration on a State of Wisconsin Department of Tourism bridge in Spring Green, WI. While the bridge was a relatively new construction, issues of micro-cracking were arising and the DOT was looking to address the problem immediately. The project was to take place during the height of tourism season, so it was important for the bridge to remain open to traffic during all repairs. After a thorough assessment of the structure and the cracking issues, CMR worked with the DOT to develop a plan to protect the bridge from water and salt and extend the life of the bridge without closing the essential transit route. CMR recommended a polymer overlay that would protect the bridge as well as provide skid-resistance.


Bridge Repair Methods

Heavy traffic, weather conditions and age can cause extensive damage to bridges. The application of the right specialty coating products can often extend the life of the concrete and protect it from deteriorating forces.
Elements such as weather and time can affect concrete structures, often causing cracks and voids. Common solutions used by CMR for concrete cracks in bridges include epoxy and urethane injections.
This all-inclusive term is used to describe the spraying of concrete that may be accomplished through either a dry- or wet-mix process. Proper installation or repair of shotcrete requires skill and experience, both of which the dedicated team at CMR excels at.
Highly trafficked areas, such as bridges, are often plagued with cracks or weakened expansion joints. The highly-trained staff at CMR has decades-long experience in expansion joint repair and will work with you to find a long-lasting solution that meets your needs.

Bridge Repair Technologies

SHOT BLASTINGCMR often recommends waterproofing or specialty coating for heavy traffic as part of restoration solutions for bridges. In order to prepare the site in a uniform and efficient manner, CMR uses walk-behind and self-propelled Shot Blasting technology.
ROBOTIC CHIPPING HAMMER Preparing a bridge for repairs frequently requires the dangerous work of overhead concrete chipping. For increased safety and consistency, as well as efficiency, CMR utilizes the latest technology of robotic chipping hammers.
VAPOR BLASTING CMR employs eco-friendly vapor blasting equipment to safely and effectively prepare surfaces and remove coatings at bridge work sites. The vapor blast technology suppresses up to 97% of airborne particles.
HEPA VACUUMES & FILTERS Concrete restoration of a bridge can lead to waste and airborne particles that are the harmful to the environment and workers. Although not required, CMR uses HEPA vacuums and filters to maintain a clean and safe work site.

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